Textile bookmarks with female authors image

Textile bookmarks with female authors image

It is impossible for me not create textile bookmarks with female authors image. I have to exlain I don’t think of women literature as a love story for reading between cooking and washing. I think about books written by women, who have had a huge impact on the history of literature and their contemporary thought.

My first bookmark with female author image

It was Virginia Woolf of course. She is probably  the best-known female writer od 20th century. Author of: To the Lighthouse, The Waves, Orlando and Mrs Dalloway. In her narrative, she used the lyrical stream of consciousness.
I made the bookmark with her image in blue.

Textile Bookmarks Textile Bookmarks

Female writer with the male name

Karen Blixen published under the male name, among others Isak Dinesen. She is famous for “Out of Africa”, but I love her stories especially Babette’s Feast. I made her in desert colors.

Textile Bookmarks Textile Bookmarks

The most beautiful Polish poetry by young girl

She was very young (died at the age of 32 year) and she has congenital heart disease. Love and death are intertwined in her poetry. Hunger for life and love combined with a premonition of death always move me.

Bookmark with hes is made in blue with red elements.

Textile Bookmarks Textile Bookmarks





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