Truly Pure White Angels

Truly Pure White Angels

The white colour is a symbol of innocence, modesty and purity. So, white is the most suitable colour for angels. I have for you a lot of truly pure white Angels.

Angels with white hair

Pure Angel Textile Dolls pure white angel

I made angels hair of wool locks or acrylic wool. What hair you choose can change the character of the doll. Those with sheep’s hair are delicate, ethereal, fragile.

pure white angel pure white angel

Angels with long hair made of acrylic wool give the impression of stronger, more caring.

Dresses for truly pure white Angels

pure white angel pure white angel

I dress my angels differently. Sometimes in the style of the 1930’s beauty, sometimes like a snow-white princess. I also make dolls in typically angelic dresses.

pure white angel

Modern white Angel

Modern pure white Angel Angel Textile Dolls

Young girls like modern dressed angels, who look like contenporary women.








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