Wedding season

Wedding season

The wedding season lasts a whole year. There is always a good time for love.



I have a few questions for you about wedding

Do you have an original idea for a gift?

Is it a problem finding the original party decoration?

Do you want to have an unusual souvenir from the most important day of your life?

I have a few answers for your questions

I can create a wedding pair for you. Dolls can look like a real fiancee and fiance. They can swing on a swing.

I create dolls with care to every detail. I use the best fabrics, beadings and paints.

The dolls are made of cotton and stuffed with sheep’s wool. I use sheep’s wool to make my doll’s hair.


How do they look

The bride and groom have real wedding clothing. Bride wears a white beautiful dress made of silk and lace. She has jewelry and shoes with lace.



Groom wears a white linen tuxedo. His blue shoes are hand-painted.



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