Podhale Folk Girl

Podhale Folk Girl

I present you nice Podhale Folk Girl. Her name is Kasia. She is sixteen.

Folk Girl

Who is Podhale Folk Girl

Kasia was born in Małe Ciche. Małe Ciche is a small village in the Polish beautiful mountain area in the Tatras. The name of this village means small quiet. Now it is a very popular ski resort. But for many people it is the best place to love Podhale folklore.

Folk Girl

Music Talented

Kasia has a beautiful voice and can play the violin. He dreams about his folk band. Her parents support her in this project. Now he needs to study music every day and practice.


After class, she dances at Grandma’s dance school. Then he always wears traditional Podhale costumes: a skirt with flowers, a white shirt, an embroidered corset and special shoes characteristic only for Podhale – kierpce.

Folk GirlFolk Girl

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